Design is one of the oldest but remains the best ways that we know how to communicate. 
It's been close to 15 years already that YOPPS made the choice to help enterprises, organizations and startups make better design by bringing high levels of creativity and technologies.

We've learned that sometimes a simple change can trigger a full global communication, sometimes a wide innovative strategy is required to build a long term and evolving architecture.
What is sure is that we've always kept our promise to follow up on innovating with each one of our clients with collaborative design thinking and none stop reviews.

Now and more than ever, our aim is to foster collaborative design processes together with new talents and focus on user interaction, explore how human thinks to create connected devices that will help us to better communicate.

Here is a short coverage of how we bring up design to our clients.
Generally, clients come up with an idea or a blurry thought of what they really look for.
If we want to make things happen we first need to conceive the design process by communicating with the client.
The biggest part of successful projects comes from the collaborative design approach.
It makes sense especially when you and your client don't really know each other.
At this point it is very important to listen and understand by questioning each other to head to the right design direction.

You may work with clients that already have a history or a global communication strategy that you'll need to take into account.
So before even start to think "design" you will need to study different approaches related to visual content and envision different processes to understand what is the best way to outline.

There are different methods we are used to follow: most of them start by mind maps that help give our clients a structured way to be part of the design process.
By initiating a systemic work in progress, we can easily format the environment we want to evolve in and then bring up benefits of innovative designs and evolving tools.

Those are the main steps we've experienced that helped us start in a confident and smart collaborative mode.
We look forward to do even better with our upcoming projects. 

Stay tuned, and #GetInspired!